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What is the Rights and Business Centre of FILBo?

Booktailors, the Portuguese publishing consultants who were executive producers for the Portuguese representation in the 2013 edition of Bogota International Book Fair (FILBo), where Portugal was guest of honour, joined forces with FILBo to take the Fair to the next level. In the 2016 edition, FILBo will host a formal Rights and Business Centre. It aims to promote a complete showcase of the publishing industry: agents, scouts, editors, promoters, distributors, editorial services’ providers, language and culture institutions, and translation companies, among others. The Centre will strenghten and enhance negotiations already conducted at the Fair, thus increasing their impact and relevance in the Spanish-speaking market.

What is FILBo?

FILBo (Bogota International Book Fair) is the most important literary and publishing event in Colombia and the second largest in Latin America. In 2015, business at the fair generated a grand total of US$1.2 million and allowed further negotiatons worth US$13 million.

FILBo in numbers:

  • More than US$1.2 million in contracts signed at the Fair, by more than 100 agents of 17 countries, with a US$13 million expected revenue;
  • more than 1500 activities on culture, books and reading promotion;
  • more than 200 national and international media outlets;
  • more than half a million visitors during the two-week event;
  • 500 exhibitors in a venue comprising 23 halls.

Find out more about FILBo here.


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