What is LAF?

Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) is a European platform for literary exchange, translation and cultural policy debate regarding literary production. Based at Aberystwyth University in Wales for over a decade, the platform seeks to create avenues for dialogue among the various literatures of Europe and to present lesser known literature to the diverse European readership. Its goal is to increase the quantity and the quality of literary production in the countries where it operates, in order to promote it beyond their borders through programmes that foster translation. It has established several partnerships and it has secured funding and support for a multitude of cultural and social organizations in Europe and overseas, making it possible for a series of literary and translation projects to thrive. LAF develops and distributes resources to foster consistent exchange among cultural stakeholders, people, languages and projects, strengthening the European socio-cultural system.

What is LEuL?

Literary Europe Live (LEuL) is the latest project launched by LAF, with the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme. It brings together sixteen literary festivals and organizations operating in the field to reflect upon and debate the programming of events reflecting the richness and diversity of the European literary landscape. These include the Hay Festival, which has been promoting and emancipating key authors in world literature for nearly thirty years; Oslo Visual and Digital Poetry Festival; the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture; the Croatian Writers’ Society; Diyarbakir Art Centre, in Turkey; Booktailors; and many more from various EU member countries.

It will also foster translation programmes catering to audiences of both digital and analog media, furthering the development of authors who produce high quality literature and promoting them within and without their country of origin. It will additionally create mobility programmes to facilitate travel for writers and translators in Europe, with a view to encouraging and boosting literary production across all genres.

The project aims to break language barriers between European Union countries, in order to create common ground for the sharing of knowledge on similar issues, difficulties and challenges faced by those who produce literature. It also consolidates LAF’s long-standing commitment to engage an increasingly diversified audience in literature, mostly literature produced in Europe. Sharing knowledge and experience, partners and stakeholders involved in the project will forge bonds and cooperate in each other’s work to strengthen the ties between organizations across the EU who make it their mission to foster literary culture.

What role does Booktailors play in LEuL?

Booktailors will be responsible for promoting and representing the Portuguese literary scene before its partners. Our action plan will include fostering a greater involvement of peripheral and rural regions in Europe, with a view to devising methods to boost culture and build bridges between local populations and European literature. As well as contributing content to promote the project in digital platforms, Booktailors will organize two literary events showcasing European literature in Portugal.

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