Who we are


Founded in 2007, Booktailors, now The Book Company, arrived in the Portuguese publishing industry as a publishing consultancy company, a new area of expertise at the time.

With a focus on strategy, marketing and communications for publishers, we became primarily known for the development of the blogtailors.com website, which eight years and three million views later turned into a newsletter with an average weekly audience of three thousand readers. Our commitment to providing the publishing industry with relevant information led to the publication of significant books for the sector, namely Book Publishing and Strategic Management, by José Afonso Furtado (2009), and the “Publishing Voices” collection, which features interviews by Sara Figueiredo Costa with leading figures in the business (published since 2013).

Training was another pillar which thrust Booktailors into a unique position in Portuguese publishing, offering workshops dedicated to several links in the value chain — from proofreading to communications, publishing strategy, print production and budgeting. The company’s success in the field, catering to hundreds of students, also allowed us to broaden the range of our courses and offer training in creative writing.

From its roots as a pure consultancy firm, Booktailors diversified its operations in the publishing trade, driven by the pursuit of innovation and by its pioneering spirit, taking the lead in all areas of the Portuguese publishing industry where it now operates: publishing consultancy, professional training in the field of publishing, representation of authors and literary event production.

You can find out more about The Book Company’s activities in our official website.